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12/23 - 1/6/2020  Have a GREAT Break!!


1/7        Students Return to School

1/7        Shoe Drive Begins

1/9        PTO Meeting, 6:30pm, Media Center

1/24     Movie Night, 3:30pm, Gym



Save Old Shoes

We will be holding a shoe drive fundraiser when the students return from winter break 1/7  - 1/31. Shoes can be turned in at any time during the month

We can accept ANY shoes that are in new or gently used condition. This includes sneakers, boots, flip-flops, sports cleats, water shoes, high heels.....anything!

The collected shoes will be given to an organization that pays us for the shoes and then refurbishes them to be sent to developing countries, where they help to create economic opportunities and affordable foot wear by helping to create micro-entrepreneurs! This also assists in keeping shoes out of landfills.

What is a Micro-entrepreneur?


Micro-enterprises are small businesses that are started with, typically, low investment capital. These micro-enterprises are run by one person or a few family members or friends. Funds2Orgs works with micro-entrepreneurs in developing countries to provide them with inventory to sell so they can make a living wage for themselves and their families. Because of systemic poverty, few work opportunities provide sustainable incomes, so many must create their own opportunities selling merchandise and products in their communities, including shoes.

Why aren’t shoes given away in developing nations to help people living in poverty?  If the shoes are simply given away to people in developing nations, it would destroy commerce, which is not benefiting the people the shoes are meant to help. In addition, some developing countries have laws that prevent products from being given away precisely for this reason. Therefore, the shoes collected in shoe drive fundraiser are refurbished and sold for a minimal investment by micro-entrepreneurs in developing nations, who resell the footwear and make a profit. This creates a cycle that allows for growth and sustainable income.

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